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Lunay is made for women with a positive attitude towards themselves, to others and to life in general. Lunay is content, happy, confident, educated and determined. She cares for her health and also for nature. She is committed to an active lifestyle and encourages women to feel the power within themselves.

We believe that Papilu gift bags bring happiness to those who receive them and also to those who gift them. With Papilu we are all surrounded by happiness. With our line of gift bags we bring joy to women, men, children, teenagers … for all types of occasions.

Religi is a brand of ecological electronic candle stands, especially designed for Roman Catholic churches. It gives churchgoers the opportunity to express their wishes and prayers in a simple, clean and safe way. Religi is also very profitable.

Vestina candles are the first and leading brand among electronic and solar candles in Slovenia. Vestina is also the only overall complete brand in the segment of grave candles. It is entirely designed and manufactured in Slovenia.

Nowadays we encounter mobile marketing almost everywhere. Are your promotional gift bags ones that people notice? We bring you solutions that will make everyone remember who you are.

With Vestina Relax you will enjoy the warmth, light and colour of life, give in to luxury and relaxation and experience beautiful and special moments. All of that in a safe and eco-friendly manner.
Promotional gift bags
Vestina Relax

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Lunay attracts hundreds of women at this year’s Health festival

Lekarna Ljubljana organized its 4th annual Health festival at which we participated in spreading awareness with Lunay, among other health-friendly brands. We greeted hundreds of women on our Lunay exhibition stand, who were very interested in all of the advantages of our natural sanitary pads and tampons, made from 100 % cotton – on the ... Read more

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Brazilians interested in innovative Religi

The estimated number – 30.000 visitors – was completely off, since the ExpoCatólica trade fair in Sao Paulo attracted almost twice as much people. Our business partners LUMADA had their own exhibition space at the trade fair, where they were presenting their electronic candles and our ecological electronic candle stand for Roman Catholic churches Religi. ... Read more

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World Environment Day

Today, on June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day for the 45th time. This year’s theme is »Connecting people with nature« and it encourages us to think about how all of us are also a part of nature. The future is now more than ever focused on sustainability, preserving nature and recycling, which leads to ... Read more

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»50 years of experience, 5 successfull brands of products and countless innovative ideas – this is the heart of EMMA, which has been beating strongly for almost half a century. We create and produce eco-friendly and high-quality products for different stages and occasions in our lives. We believe that moments make a lifetime. Let's make some together.«

Tatjana Potokar, MBA – CEO of EMMA

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  • we have 50 years of experience and tradition
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