Brazilians interested in innovative Religi


The estimated number – 30.000 visitors – was completely off, since the ExpoCatólica trade fair in Sao Paulo attracted almost twice as much people. Our business partners LUMADA had their own exhibition space at the trade fair, where they were presenting their electronic candles and our ecological electronic candle stand for Roman Catholic churches Religi. The first two days of ExpoCatólica were meant for making potential business deals, so for distributors and store owners, and the last two days were open for the general public. The interest for electronic candles and Religi was very big and mostly came from Brazilian visitors. Our exhibition space was visited by about a thousand of people. They loved our products because they were something new, that they haven’t seen before, such as new types of candles and electronic candle stands, which are very different to the ones with wax candles that they are accustomed to using. The market in Brazil is very accepting of new technologies, so we can predict a trend towards innovative and eco-friendly solutions in this segment as well.