Lunay attracts hundreds of women at this year’s Health festival


Lekarna Ljubljana organized its 4th annual Health festival at which we participated in spreading awareness with Lunay, among other health-friendly brands. We greeted hundreds of women on our Lunay exhibition stand, who were very interested in all of the advantages of our natural sanitary pads and tampons, made from 100 % cotton – on the outer and inner layers. They were most intrigued by the test of burning sanitary pads from synthetic materials and those made form cotton. The test quickly shows what our hygiene products, that we use every month, are really made of. The festival took place at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana, where visitors could also participate in other activities, such as getting their blood pressure level measured or get advice from pharmacists and other experts on healthy lifestyle choices. At our Lunay stand we were educating women on the importance and advantages of using natural cotton products at our most delicate and intimate body parts.