World Environment Day


Today, on June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day for the 45th time. This year’s theme is »Connecting people with nature« and it encourages us to think about how all of us are also a part of nature. The future is now more than ever focused on sustainability, preserving nature and recycling, which leads to the birth of new products. This year’s World Environment Day speaks to each individual person – it asks us to be responsible and care for our planet, while spreading awareness about this topic to others. If all of us make small changes to better our relationship with nature, soon this will have major positive effects.

Another way to do something good for the environment is to buy eco-friendly products. Ecological electronic and solar candles Vestina spare nature a lot of smoke, toxic materials and, thanks to their long burn period, waste as well. The most eco-friendly choice of all is Vestina Solar, a solar candle which works on solar energy and burns up to 1000 days. It is made of glass that can later be recycled and reused for new products.

By making conscious and thoughtful decisions each and every one of us can help create a more environmentally friendly future.